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Our online package serves members that prefer training from home, it's a very time-efficient way of enjoying our unique style of training. Members have access our achieve of pre-recorded sessions to conveniently fit their schedule.
This package also caters for members too far away from our outdoor training venues, yet still want to be part of the journey.

Price: R99 p/m

The open-air package is for members who truly love doing outdoor activities, these sessions are group-based so you will get to know an entire community. Besides the welcoming environment, we are a group of like-minded people with the same goal in mind. Which is to encourage, inspire, and improve each other's physical and mental well being.
Price: R399 p/m

The premium package is for comfort and flexibility, this package is for members with a busy or inconsistent schedule. Combining our "open-air " and "online" platform we make sure you get to do your session, being out in nature or from the comfort of your home.
This package gives you access to all our outdoor and online sessions.
Price: R450 p/m

All packages are month-to-month subscriptions, no long term contractual obligations.

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For details about session locations, times and rates, drop us your details and we'll make sure to get back to you. Feel free to ask any questions.



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Who are we?

We strive to be a community of like minded people inspiring each other to build towards our prime self. We believe that through consistency in training we build new habits resulting in a lifestyle change that bears the results we desire.

Based in the beautiful Stellenbosch, South Africa. Prime built promotes an open-air training style, but above all else, we want to see people be physically active. Our packages are designed to encourage consistency in attendance. Through our online training platform, if you can't get to us, we bring the training to you.

What should I expect?

Most of our sessions are high-intensity interval training, utilizing the environment,body weight and exercise equipment. We offer a complete body workout that focuses on aerobic and anaerobic systems. The short bursts of action-packed training sessions will get your heart racing. Every session will test your character, strength capacity, and endurance.

About the 28-Day Challenge:
Start date : 08 March 2021

The 28 Day Transformation Challenge is the perfect opportunity to get fit, lean, healthy, and build new habits. You also stand a chance to win some amazing prizes!

With continuous access to a fitness and nutrition experts, you are sure to transform your body within the next 28 days - both mentally and physically!
The challenge will definitely not be sunshine and roses, it will be tough at times and will test your character. On the brightside, you will have a community of people to help you through the hard times, encouraging one another.

During the 28 days of the challenge, you will be working with our fitness expert, Rudy Van Breda, and nutrition expert, Kaylynn Mundell, to transform your body and overall health.

Join our all-female 28-Day Transformation Challenge and stand a chance to win:
⁃ A luxury Spa Voucher (valued at R1090)
⁃ Funky Pants (valued at R600)
⁃ Nutrition Consultation with a personalised health protocol (valued at R4750)
⁃ And lots of other goodies

Entry fee is R799, and includes:
⁃ A full body assessment to analyse lean muscle mass and fat percentage
⁃ 5 in-person training sessions per week
⁃ An in-depth nutrition educational ebook
⁃ Your choice between an omnivorous, vegan, vegetarian, or allergy-friendly nutrition plan for weight loss
⁃ Ongoing support from our nutritionist

for more information about Kaylynn Mundell, visit her website.

About the nutrition plan:
Educational Handbook

Provides an overview of how dietary and lifestyle habits affect your health. The goal is to inform.

Nutrition Plan

Provides you with a strategy to implement positive dietary and lifestyle changes. The goal is long-term weight loss.

for more information about Kaylynn Mundell, visit her website.
Check out the video below, for more information about the nutrition plan.

Venues and times:
05:45 - 06:30 : Markotter sport fields,Stellenbosch
16:30 - 17:15 : Coetzenburg sport fields,Stellenbosch
17:30 - 18:15 : Coetzenburg sport fields,Stellenbosch