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Our new lifestyle transformation package provides you with a highly effective weight loss plan combined with a 4-week group training program. Over the span of 4-weeks, you along with a group will work through different aspects of a sustainable healthy lifestyle. The package includes:
Diet educationBody detoxification planEffective weight loss planPersonal access to qualified nutritionist4 - weeks of exercise sessions
Price: R1700 once-off

Our online package serves members that prefer training from home, it's a very time-efficient way of enjoying our unique style of training. Members have access our achieve of pre-recorded sessions to conveniently fit their schedule.
This package also caters for members too far away from our outdoor training venues, yet still want to be part of the journey.

Price: R99 p/m

The open-air package is for members who truly love doing outdoor activities, these sessions are group-based so you will get to know an entire community. Besides the welcoming environment, we are a group of like-minded people with the same goal in mind. Which is to encourage, inspire, and improve each other's physical and mental well being.
Price: R399 p/m

The premium package is for comfort and flexibility, this package is for members with a busy or inconsistent schedule. Combining our "open-air " and "online" platform we make sure you get to do your session, being out in nature or from the comfort of your home.
This package gives you access to all our outdoor and online sessions.
Price: R450 p/m

All packages are month-to-month subscriptions, no long term contractual obligations.

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Who are we?

We strive to be a community of like minded people inspiring each other to build towards our prime self. We believe that through consistency in training we build new habits resulting in a lifestyle change that bears the results we desire.

Based in the beautiful Stellenbosch, South Africa. Prime built promotes an open-air training style, but above all else, we want to see people be physically active. Our packages are designed to encourage consistency in attendance. Through our online training platform, if you can't get to us, we bring the training to you.

What should I expect?

Most of our sessions are high-intensity interval training, utilizing the environment,body weight and exercise equipment. We offer a complete body workout that focuses on aerobic and anaerobic systems. The short bursts of action-packed training sessions will get your heart racing. Every session will test your character, strength capacity, and endurance.

Lifestyle transformation package

in association with Gutsy nutrition

The program promotes a complete lifestyle change, with interactions between the clients and the nutritionist we try and create a sustainable, balanced lifestyle that will get you on the road to a new and healthy you!
Duration: 4 - weeks ( 1 week educational and 3 weeks diet plan)
Cost: R1700 once off (Includes 4 weeks of exercise)


“I lost 4.8 kg and 12 cm overall. I have not been this weight in over 10 years! All the recipes in the program are delicious. I can't believe how much I could eat and still lose weight! I learned that I eat to cope with stress. This program has taught me so much about my habits around food. I felt so light throughout the program and my clothes started fitting loosely from week 1!" - Brumilda

“I enjoyed this program so much. It was such an enriching experience. I joined the program because I wanted to learn how to make healthy meals for my family. Kaylynn gave us incredible recipes that I will continue to use long after the program! After 21 days, I lost 3.2 kg, 3cm around my waist, 2cm around my hips and almost 3 cm around each thigh.” – Jodi

More reviews:

“Halfway through the program, I had to go and buy a whole new wardrobe. None of my clothes fit me anymore! I ate more during this program than I have in my life, and yet, the weight just fell off! I have learned so much about how to take care of my body and how to cook delicious recipes that help me and my family to be healthy.” – Eslé

“I was at a point where I wanted to give up on my weight loss journey, and simply go and buy bigger clothes. Kaylynn took me under her wing and helped me to lose 13kg in 21 days. I ate delicious food in abundance, learned how to deal with cravings, and improved my digestion tremendously. Most importantly, 3 years later, I have kept the weight off. I truly feel like a new person. Not because I lost weight, but because I finally understand how to take care of my body.” – Ilsa

“I really enjoyed this program. It took a while for my weight to start dropping, but once it did, I lost 5kg in less than two weeks! My clothes are much looser, and my energy levels have improved a lot. I really enjoyed the recipes – all the meals were delicious! I learned so much from this program and feel that I actually understand how to take care of my body and achieve my health goals.” Lusinda

Group training venues and times:
05:45 - 06:30 : Markotter sport fields,Stellenbosch
16:30 - 17:15 : Coetzenburg sport fields,Stellenbosch
17:30 - 18:15 : Coetzenburg sport fields,Stellenbosch